Day 13: If I Won the Lottery

The lottery is a topic often brought up in our house. My grandma has always played scratch offs and I’ve been yearning to get on Wheel of Fortune one day. We always say, “If I won money, I would”, so maybe it’s time to share with you my plan.

First things first, I would pay off my student loan debt as well as my siblings’. This is an agreement we all have because we are all aware of how much of a burden it is and we’d like to save each other from that.

After student loans, I’d pay off any debts that my parents or Grandma have. Let’s face it; I’m probably the reason they are in debt so I should probably pay them back for it. This would include helping my dad pay off his restaurant and pay off my mom’s house so she can go live with my dad without worrying.

Once all debts are paid off, money would go into savings for future children that I have so they can go to college and not leave $60,000 in debt. I hope that even if I don’t win the lottery, I can get to a place where I can put money away for them.

Other than that, I would splurge now and then on trips to visit family. I wouldn’t change much about my lifestyle because for the most part, I live comfortably. Just getting rid of some of the worries of being an adult would be a complete game changer.


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