My Weekly Schedule

This is a follow up to my last post. That post was about what my days are like when I work events. On nights when I have off, this is what my days look like. Thanks to my OCD, I take this schedule very seriously and take time to update it because of changing interests every 6 months. I even have this printed out and hung on my fridge for reference.

Morning: Night:
Work out Shower and wash face
Eat breakfast Make lunch for next day
Brush teeth Get back pack ready
Floss and mouthwash Pick out clothes
Wash face Do and put dishes away
Do hair Brush teeth
Make bed Mouth wash
Leave for work – no later than 8am Set alarm
Activities schedule for the week*:
Monday:Pizza night
Tuesday: Game night *Based on work schedule
Wednesday: Movie night
Thursday: Personal Development
Friday: Anything can happen
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: Reset Sunday and blog
Monthly to Do:
Sunday Cleaning Day: Vacuum car out
Vacuum Change white board calendar
Take out trash Backup computer
Sweep porch Set goals
Dust Pay Bills
Clean out fridge
Organize closet and cabinets Biweekly to do:
Disinfect kitchen and bathroom Clean bedding
Run dishes through dish washer
Finish 1 book

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