Day 17: The Meaning Behind My Blog’s Name

This will all make prefect sense someday.

That’s what I decided to name my blog over 6 years ago. It took me a really long time to come up with something that I loved and I knew I didn’t want my blog to just be “Carolyn’s Blog.” Initially, I had no idea what I was going to write about. I thought I could make it a journal because I really do have a pretty interesting life (and you must think so too if you’re reading this.

The more I wrote, the more I realized how crazy my life was. Growing up around baseball, traveling, meeting new people, and sometimes just being stumped about what was going on.

One day, while I was binge watching John Mayer videos on YouTube, as one does with their free time in college, I can across a video of John’s daily life. And what was it called?

This will all make perfect sense someday.

I love this title because it’s so true. Life may be really confusing, but someday, you’ll figure out what all of the nonsense was for.


I had a blog name and I’ve kept it.

Here’s the video that inspired the name.


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