The Secret Keepers: A Book Review

One of my favorite authors since high school has been Trenton Lee Stewart. I fell in love with his writing when I just happened to pick “The Mysterious Benedict Society” off of the shelf one day and his latest adventure is no exception.

The Secret Keepers is about a young boy who finds solace in finding intriguing hiding places. After one attempt to find a new space for himself, he happens upon a watch. But is isn’t an ordinary watch; it see that it doesn’t tell time.

After a ton of attempts to figure out what it’s supposed to do, he Connor finds out that it can make him invisible. But like all magic, it comes with a price and he is temporarily blind when he uses it.

Connor and  his mom are in a tight spot financially so he sets out to find out the worth of the watch. After visiting several shops, he learns that it’s very valuable and the most important (yet unseen) man in the city wants it too. They call him The Smoke.

The boy does a lot of research and actually finds out who the watch belongs to so he sets out to find their family. This leads to a lot of danger and chaos (and booby traps) in an attempt to keep the power of the watch out of the wrong hands.


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