February 12th. I love it.

Look at that friends! I’m writing this on time!

First up this week, softball practice. I love it. This was our first full week of practice and we didn’t even have a full team to practice with until Thursday (basketball and soccer are just finishing up) and I’m having so much fun! I love being back around softball, catching for my pitchers (but since I’m a coach I get to sit on the coveted bucket now) and telling tales of my days on the field. Our first game is in a week! Wish us luck!

I love it.

Next up, playing with babies. I love it. This week, I finished up most of my work early so I took some time on Thursday to go hang out with the babies on campus. Our school has babies that are two months old and up so you can imagine the squishy faces and fuzzy heads that I got to snuggle up with. It was a good thing I went to help too. Six babies with two people are all well and good until 3 of them start crying! I’ll gladly take one!

I love it.

Finally, bonding with my cats. I love it. Last week I would have told you that after a month and a half of fighting fleas in my house, they were gone. When Bud was here, no sign of them. All week? No sign of them. Fast forward to today and it’s like Yogi rolled around in them! This called for a major project so I washed all of the blankets (again), gave Maisy a flea bath (tried Yogi and he was not having it), vacuumed the carpet (and my bed and my couch) 3 times, and then locked myself in my closet with both cats while I flea fogged the house. That’s right, 3 hours in my closet with my cats watching movies and Face-timing. I’m hoping that now the fleas are gone because I’m not sure what else I could do at this point. But, I got some snuggles so it’s not all bad.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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