April 23rd. I love it.

So sorry I missed last week friends, but I’m back and there’s a lot to love!

First up this week, downloading shows from Netflix. I love it. I spent last week in North Carolina with Bud and before my trip, a friend of mine told me that I could download movies and shows on Netflix and watch them offline. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to watch Netflix on a plane normally (no wifi), so I tested it out. I downloaded the first season of Hallmark’s “Good Witch”. What can I say? This new way to watch shows is a game-changer for busy travelers like me!

I love it.

Next up is, you guessed it, “Good Witch.” I love it. I’ve always been a fan of Bailee Madison because she’s so positive (and I’m all about positivity – hence this blog) so I watched two episodes on my way to North Carolina… and then the next 8 of the first season on my way home. It was quickly followed by watching the first 5 episodes of the second season when I got home from the airport and finishing it up this morning. I love Hallmark Channel and this show and now I NEED MORE GOOD WITCH!

I love it.

Finally, writing book reviews. I love it. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been making sure I write reviews for the books I read lately. I put them on Goodreads, then my blog, and sometimes they get picked up by NerdHQ.com. I love reading and writing so this is something that’s perfect for me. Plus, it also gives me a reason to write (writer’s block is a real thing, people). If you have any book suggestions or if you’ve written a book and want it reviewed, let me know!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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