May 28th. I love it.

First up this week, finishing my first year of teaching. I love it. It was hard, stressful, and some days brought me to tears, but I made it. I’ve made some great friends and I’ve learned a lot about myself and teaching. This summer I get to be with the babies… who don’t talk back and pretty much sit still all day. It will be a nice break.

I love it.

Next up, finishing my chores. I love it. Two weeks in a row I have done my laundry, folded it, and put it away all in the same day. That usually doesn’t happen so I’d like to take a moment to commemorate it.

I love it.

Finally, spending time with my favorite family. I love it. I’ve spent he past two days with my best friends Lupita, Diana, and Sonia (with cameos from Jose). We went to garage sales, for sno-balls, watched movies, and cleaned. Sonia didn’t even cry when I held her this time!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

May 21st. I love it.

Another week gone, friends.

First up this week, finishing everything on my to–do list. I love it. This is a big deal for me because lately at work I have been so overwhelmed by everything I have going on that I’m almost too stressed to work. Thanks to some much needed time in my office, I think I’m now prepared for the Athletic Banquet and Field Day (the two things I’m dreading). Is it June yet?

I love it.

Next up, setting limits. I love it. I love to read but lately the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to read is out of control. I have been getting mad at myself if a book takes more than a day or two to read and there are so many things that I want to read that I find myself completely overwhelmed. Because of this, I have now decided to limit my reading to one book a week. Starts on Monday and goes through Saturday with Sundays completely off. I’m imposing this upon myself because I was so worried about not finishing books that I haven’t ben watching baseball or going to the movies as regularly as I normally do. I think this will help balance my life a little more.

I love it.

Finally, “The Wizard of Oz.” I love it. Do I really need to say more?

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


May 14th. I love it.

What. A. Week.

First up this week, reading marathons. I love it. I accidentally read a 500 page book yesterday, but I honestly couldn’t put it down. “As Old as Time” is a twist on Beauty and the Beast and it was wonderful. I set out to read 100 pages but then time got away from me and I realized it was 6pm and I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I can’t wait to read the one about Sleeping Beauty, “Once Upon a Dream.”

I love it.

Next up, puzzles. I love it. I went to the dollar store today with the intention of getting a new scoop for the litter box, but I couldn’t find one. After browsing (so dangerous in a dollar store) I walked out of there with 3 new puzzles and a bunch of candy for my future movie theater trips. 2 of the puzzles are 3D; one of the Avengers’ plane and one of the Ninja Turtles’ Party Wagon. I even got a Guardians of the Galaxy one, but I didn’t do it today. Next weekend? Yes!

I love it.

Finally, getting a desk! I love it. I’ve applied for grad school and in preparation for hopefully being accepted and then needing a place to do homework, my friend, Celeste, was nice enough to give me a desk she had at her house. I’m using it right now, too! I’ve been working on the floor since I moved into my apartment so I’m hoping this desk will give me more motivation to write because it will be comfortable (and professional). I scored a really nice chair at Office Depot today, too.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


Once Upon a Bookshelf – “As Old as Time” by Liz Braswell

As Old as Time: A Twisted Tale (A Twisted Tale, #3)As Old as Time: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell

“As Old as Time” tells the story of Beauty and the Beast, but it’s a little… twisted.

I loved this book. So much so that I read all 500 pages in one sitting. Yes, 7 straight hours of reading because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!


The story starts off with a little history of how Beast came to be. Not only did Belle’s parents meet in his kingdom, but Belle’s mother is the one that enchanted him! Turns out she was an enchantress, and a pretty powerful one at that, named Rosalind. Her motive for the curse was over a decade old – she wanted to protect the magical people like her and the King and Queen were doing nothing but watch them suffer. She retreated to a provincial town with her husband, Maurice, and daughter Belle to live a more secluded life.

After many years, the King and Queen try to get Rosalind to help them during a time of disease, she learns that evil is in their hearts and refuses to help. After they die, Rosalind goes back to the hidden kingdom to test the young prince. After the curse is cast, it is thought that she disappeared and the people that knew her forgot about her completely.

But in this twisted tale, it gets even more twisted.

What was so enchanting about this book is the changes made. I already loved Belle’s story, but I think I like it even more now. Belle is still strong, independent, and a little odd, but she yearns for adventure!

I don’t want to give away too much (because you should seriously read this book), but one of the major changes is what happens to the rose. You know the one I’m talking about; the one encased in glass that is the signal for the curse to be forever. But in this version, Belle ruins any chance of the Beast saving the lives of himself and his servants! She grabs the rose from under the glass and it disintegrates before her eyes.

What does she do?

Reads of course. She uses the Beast’s huge library to find out more of the history of the former kingdom and learns about her own history. I love this addition to the story. It makes Belle seem even more determined and kind-hearted. She knows she messed up their lives and is doing everything she can to change that. Including finding her mother that she just learned was an enchantress to see if there is another way to lift the curse. Besides, everything can be fixed with books, right?

The final big twist is about who the bad guy is. It’s not Gaston, believe it or not. One of the old men that had magic and used to be friends with Belle’s parents took it upon himself to rid everyone of magic. He’s in charge of the insane asylum but he does experiments on the charmantes (the people with magic). To take him down, the Beast and Gaston work together! This was totally cool to see.

I won’t give away any more, but I feel like I need to say this. I learned a lot of french words by reading this book. Some I already new, some I had to use context clues. There were also a lot of words I’d never even heard of before, probably to get the reader to understand words that Belle would understand because she’s such a big reader. I mean, I had no idea what ululate meant (turns out its a howl or wail of expression of emotion, usually grief).

I give this book a 5/5. And there are even more “Twisted Tales” by Liz Braswell, including a twist on “Aladdin” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

I can’t wait to read those.

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May 7th. I love it.

OK! I KNOW! I DIDN’T WRITE LAST WEEK! But I had a good excuse. I thought I was dying but it was actually just the flu. But I’m back!

First up this week, seeing Lupita grow up. I love it. Well, it’s really bittersweet. Yesterday I went and saw her perform in her first dance recital. She did so great! She tapped and tumbled like a pro (or as well as a five year old can). It’s so weird to see her so grown up and independent. Can you believe she’ll be in kindergarten in the fall? Where did my baby-friend go?

I love it.

Next up, movies. I love it. I know- you know. This week I saw “Born in China” and “Gifted.” Loved them both. “Born in China” was narrated by one of my favorites – John Krasinski so listening to his wonderful voice for an hour and a half was lovely. “Gifted” stars Chris Evans as the uncle of a 7 year old math prodigy – I laughed, I cried, and I didn’t mind watching a scruffy Mr. Evans protect a little girl (so dreamy).

I love it.

Finally, deep cleaning. I love it. I’ve been so unproductive the past few weekends. Between being sick and traveling and just using being tired as an excuse, I made up my mind to be active this weekend. Friday after school I went grocery shopping (first time in at least 3 weeks). On Saturday, I woke up and started to deep clean my house. I mean I cleaned out the fridge and cabinets and closets, and bathroom. I had 3 bags of trash and 2 bags for Goodwill. I even went to Goodwill on Saturday, instead of letting everything sit in my car for a few weeks like I normally do, and rewarded myself with Starbucks. I’m not one that lives and dies by Starbucks, but I had a gift card and I deserved it. I got the Midnight Mint Mocha Frap – so good! I finished the day by washing my car (and then going to see Lupita dance). I’m already making plans on how I can be productive next weekend.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.