June 25th. I love it.

Another week, more fun friends.

First up this week, rediscovering Tumblr. I love it. Tumblr was the platform that I started blogging on back in 2010 and while I was looking for a very specific post, I did get to see all of my posts again. I wrote about some funny stuff and I wrote about everything. Granted, in college I had a LOT more free time and literally wrote everything I thought about or felt, but I would love to get back to that. I’m just going to need some motivation. I mean, my “I love it” blog started as a Tumblr blog.

I love it!

Next up, International Delight Iced Coffee. I love it. I’ve always been afraid to try it because I thought I would drink it all in one sitting (I love coffee), but I bought it as a treat for myself last week to curb my urge to go to Dunkin’ Donuts everyday. It’s totally working. The vanilla iced coffee is delightful (obviously) and a carton of it lasts me the entire week. It saves me about $6 a week! What? I’m totally down for that.

I love it.

Finally, cheering for babies. I love it. Before you get all excited, I’m working in a day care this summer, that’s why I’m cheering for the babies. On Friday one of our little guys rolled over by himself for the first time (at least with us present) and you would have thought we were watching the Super Bowl based on the way our eyes were glued on him and how loud we cheered. This is my last week of camp so I’m hoping we get a few more “firsts” this week so I don’t miss anything next month.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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