Life is about rewarding yourself.

People often ask me how I stay so motivated with my routines. It’s almost a curse, being unable to procrastinate. It causes me a lot of stress at times but having things done does make me happy (seems contradictory, I know).

The one thing that I implemented in college was a reward system for myself.

Thanks to some practice with my self-control, I am able to motivate myself with small rewards from time to time. For example, every Friday I let myself get “fancy coffee” (basically coffee from a coffee place and not school) as my reward for making it through the week. This actually started in college in an attempt to curb my meal plan usage at the Starbucks on campus. It continues to this day. Every Friday (or whatever the last day of my work week is), I get Krispy Kreme coffee.

I’ve introduced this system to basically every aspect of my life.

If I take all of my meds for the entire week without forgetting (or ignoring them), I get a little prize next time I’m at the store. Most recently it was Tsum Tsums from the Disney Store (I got 3 because I did it 3 weeks in a row).

If I do my all of my chores without skipping the ones I don’t like doing, I can get a sno-ball or milkshake on Sundays.

If I drink water all week, I can get a soda at the store when I’m shopping.

It’s stupid little things that most people do naturally but I more or less have to trick myself into doing. It gives me something to look forward to and work towards.

Again, this can only be implemented if you have self-control. Start small (like doing something/not doing something for a day and then slowly add on).

Obviously I have full-blown OCD so this is the kind of system that I enjoy because it keeps me on track and makes me feel better about the insane routines I do on a daily basis to stay relatively sane.

Maybe this can work for you, too.



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