August 6th. I love it.

Don’t say anything.

First up this week, Elementary. I love it. Hulu only posts the episodes once the season is completely over so I started watching Season 5 on Thursday night. Sherlock Holmes is my spirit animal. His mind rebels stagnation like mine and he’s not so good with the intricacies of being social. For those of you about to ask, NO, I do not watch the Benedict Cumberbatch version of Sherlock because I am thoroughly engrossed in Jonny Lee Miller’s version.

I love it.

Next up, using a toaster. I love it. For those of you that have access to a toaster on a daily basis, rejoice. I’ve gone a year without a toaster and you have no idea how much I’ve missed making waffles, toaster strudels, or even just plain toast. You never realize you need one until you’re sick and that’s all you want (besides my usual quesadillas and milkshakes). I splurged and bout a toaster for $7.88 at Walmart and I’ve been waking up giddy at the prospect of using it for breakfast. Luxury!

I love it.

Finally, living on the second floor. I love it. It’s been raining non-stop for the past few days and New Orleans really took a hit. Just search #AugustFlood on Twitter. Not to make a joke of the terrible situation (houses and stores and restaurants flooded, cars abandoned for taking on too much water), but I’m glad that I was able to be safe at home and not worry about it. I did venture out but regretted it right away. I went to the store less than a mile away from my house and couldn’t wait to get back. It was scary watching all of the action never end on Twitter but luckily we never lost power. I’m thanking my lucky stars (I’m looking at you Megan and Pa) for keeping me safe.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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