Being a teacher in these terrible times.

What happened yesterday during the White Supremacist Rally in Virginia is absolutely terrible. It continues to blow my mind how selfish the world can be. My friends and I speak often about the state of the world and it makes me terrified for the future.

School hasn’t started yet for me and even though it’s only a few days away, I’m already preparing myself to answer questions my kids will have about what happened yesterday. I thought back to September 11th, 2001; the day the Twin Towers were attacked. I remember walking into Mr. Chase’s class and being thoroughly confused about what was happening. He didn’t hold back but told us the truth. Explaining terrorism to a bunch of 6th graders couldn’t have been easy, but he took our questions one by one, and got us through.

As things came to light on TV in the following days and weeks, we’d come in with more questions for our social studies teacher, Mr. Greig. He’d answer everything he could and even though I couldn’t stand talking about terrorism and what it meant for our country, I’d sit and listen, holding back tears. I am a worry wart by nature so this time of my life was especially stressful.

As a teacher, I can see now that I never gave my own teachers the credit that was due for what they have to teach the next generation. We need to help these kids navigate the world today and just hope that some goodness rubs off on them.

I’m terrified for the kids that are growing up in this world. They have so much access to information and opinions and have a direct line to the good, the bad, and the ugly. When 9-11 happened, I could tune it out by not watching TV. These days, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, you can’t avoid it. The good news is that I’m more aware of what is happening now but it doesn’t make it easier.

I can only hope that I can be like my teachers and help my students get through the tough times just like they helped me.


One thought on “Being a teacher in these terrible times.

  1. Trying to think how to approach this myself. For me, so much of the issue boils down to trying to get young folks now to fully appreciate the importance of battles they now consider dead issues, even as those issues rise again.

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