Sherlock Holmes is my spirit animal.

Here’s why:

  1. His mind rebels stagnation – I too have a hard time just sitting doing nothing.
  2. He has excellent deductive skills – I like to think that mine are above average which might be linked to my preference to observe rather than engage.
  3. When things make sense to him, it’s hard for him to explain – obviously everyone should know why things are happening and I have a terrible time trying to tell people what I know without getting frustrated.
  4. He has quirks – we all do but his are so defined and almost obtrusive just like mine.
  5. He has trouble making friends – I don’t think I’m the worst at making friends, but it takes a lot for me to feel comfortable and being around people too much is exhausting.
  6. He’s passionate about what he does – it’s almost problematic because it consumes him and as for me, I can never stop thinking about my job and how I can do better.


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