August 20th. I love it.

L is for love, friends!

First up this week, getting through the first week of school. I love it. I’ve been stressing about how my new schedule is going to work and after several bumps in the road, I think that we have it figured out. Along with teaching Middle School PE, I’ll also be teaching Pre-K through 4th grade in the mornings. It’s gonna be a lot of extra planning, but I’m not teaching alone so it shouldn’t be so bad.

I love it.

Next up, “Lazy Dates.” I love them. That’s what I’m calling hanging out with friends and doing nothing but watching TV and falling asleep. On Friday I went to see Diana and Lupita, and Sonia and we watched “Boss Baby.” It’s a rare thing to feel exceedingly comfortable in someone else’s house, especially for me, but dozing off during the movie didn’t make me feel bad at all. I think everyone caught some z’s. It feels good.

I love it.

Finally, baking. I love it. I was super anxious today (as I usually am on Sundays) so I took to the oven and made caramel blondies. They turned out perfectly and are so delightful. They kind of turned into a mess when I went to cut them apart so I can’t actually take them to work and present them to other people, so they’ll sit on my counter and tempt me every time I walk into my kitchen.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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