September 24th. I love it.

It’s been a while friends but life has been crazy.

First up this week, hiking. I love it. This week I was in North Carolina with our 8th grade class hiking in the mountains. We spent two days on the trail and I can’t help but gush about how great my kids did. We hiked 12 miles in two days with no complaining and a lot of bonding. See the views and the stars made it all worth it and sleeping outside with no tent was not a big deal at all. When can I go again?

I love it.

Next up, word games. I love it. To keep ourselves occupied on the trail, the group leader and I told all kinds of riddles and the kids loved it. I also introduced them to “Fanny Dooley” which is such a fun game. I love seeing the kids struggle and then feel so accomplished once they figure the trick out to the game. There is still one riddle that I wouldn’t give up on and it’s driving me crazy! The kids buckled and asked for the answer from our leader, Louie, but I refused to quit and now I hate it! I’ll have to ask the kids tomorrow.

I love it.

Finally, making new friends. I love it. On the trail this week I got to know two great guys that made the experience that much better. They were great with the kids and taught us all a lot. Thank you Dave and Louie!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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