November 5th. I love it

Yay, love!

First up this week, Halloween! I love it! It’s my FAVORITE holiday and this year I actually got to dress up. Well, I dressed up but really no one saw me because I was wrangled into working on the set of a movie that was being filmed on my school’s campus. But I was totally in costume as I sat in the press box for 10 hours running the scoreboard every now and then. I’m really excited about the pumpkins that I bought this year too. They are fake but carve-able so I did that on Monday. I’m still using them, too!

I love it.

Next up, The World Series. I love it. It’s the most intense week and a half of baseball all season and even though I had a hard time staying awake for all of the games, it was still fun to watch. Now the problem is that there is no more baseball until April. Boo!

I love it.

Finally, seeing Bud for the first time since JULY! I love it. Friday happened to be his birthday and our 3rd anniversary and he happened to be 4 hours away instead of 12 so I drove to Monroe to see him. I didn’t get him for long but just long enough to give him presents, have dinner at Mongolian BBQ, dessert at Dairy Queen, a movie night, and IHOP for breakfast. 4 month is an awful long time to go without seeing him but hopefully I get to see him in a few weeks.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.



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