January 21st. I love it.

Love is in the air!

First up this week, snow days. I love it. It’s not something we get very often here in Louisiana but when we do get them, we take full advantage. We only had school 1 day last week because Monday was MLK Day. We went in on Tuesday but winter hit with a wicked vengeance on Wednesday, with temperatures well below freezing. Thursday was cancelled to and Friday was a no-go just for good measure (and because we weren’t allowed to use water). But guess what? It was 70 degrees today. I don’t think we’ll have any more snow days, but I’m okay with that.

I love it.

Next up, “The Office”. I love it. Because I’ve had so much free time, I started “The Office” from the beginning on Netflix. It’s been only a few days and I’m already on season 5. This show will always be one of my favorites. It was a dilemma whether or not to watch this or if I should start “ER” (my favorite show growing up) because it’s on Hulu. I decided (or at least my OCD did) to go with Michael Scott and Jim Halpert, but “ER” is next.

I love it.

Finally, “Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green. I love it. I’ve read pretty much all of John Green’s books and although this one isn’t my favorite, I loved it so much I read it in one sitting. Based on the information I’ve gotten from other people, they did the same thing. This story actually hit home with me because she battles OCD and intrusive thoughts like me. The way John Green writes is so easy and riveting. Man, I love reading.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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