Introducing Me.

I am an expert planner. I have wicked OCD and anxiety and I fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. Pizza is my favorite food and I have it every Thursday. I played rugby in college. I used to work in professional sports and now I’m a teacher. My go-to drink is Mountain Dew. I’m right handed. I read a lot of books – 70 of them last year alone. I like to look for patterns in numbers and I love doing puzzles. I’m really good at playing Mad Gab. R2-D2 is my favorite Star Wars character. “Tangled” is my favorite movie. My dream vacation is being snowed in in a cabin on a mountain. I make sound effects for a lot of the things I do (especially during Tae Kwon Do). I still get carded at the movies. I wrote a book that’s available on Amazon. I am a good cook because I can read directions. I am a rule follower (and enforcer). I own my own organizing business (Organization by Carolyn Deas – OCD, LLC). I’m from Ohio but I live in Louisiana. I have a twin sister. I love B Movies. My dream job is to be a stay at home blogger. My first celebrity crush was John Travolta when I was 7 (“Grease” was my favorite). I am a star-gazer. I don’t understand how people can spell my name incorrectly. I have a slight video game addiction. I can’t share blankets while I’m sleeping. One of my cats plays fetch. My favorite song is “She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley. I don’t wear makeup because it makes my face itch. I’m having trouble thinking of more random fact so I’ll stop now.

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