April 8th. I love it.

Sorry I missed last week, folks. I totally lost track of what day it was. This post will cover the last two weeks.

First up this week, having visitors.  I love it. My sister was in town for Easter and we had an awesome time hanging out downtown, going to the aquarium and zoo, having snowballs, and binge-watching our favorite TV show, Pushing Daisies. I like when she comes to visit because we like all of the same thing and she likes lazy days just like I do.

I love it.

Next up, baseball games. I love it. The Minor League Baseball season started this week and I went to two games already. The local team, The New Orleans Baby Cakes (terrible name, I know) got shutout in their home opener on Thursday but came back and won on Friday. I’m so glad that baseball is back. It’s my favorite.

I love it.

Finally, being on vacation. I love it. Spring Break is an amazing thing. I definitely needed the break from my children at school and it was a great time to do what I wanted and get some of my own school work done. Tomorrow is going to be tough because I haven’t been awake before 7am in over a week. Only 6 more weeks of school, though!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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