Day 18: My collections

Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of things. I used to collect pennants and pins from every ballpark I visited. All of the pennants are still hanging in my room back home (and also in my brother’s room as we ran out of room in the walls).

Today, I still collect pins from ballparks I visit and Bud and I also collect baseballs. Our goal is to visit every ballpark together. We have a map of the stadiums and we buy pins and put them in the city where they belong as we get them.

I also collect smushed pennies. You know, you put 51 cents into the machine and you get a cool penny that had a design in it from wherever you’re visiting. I’ve already filled up 1 penny book and just started on my second one. These are souvenirs that my parents and friends get for me when they travel so I have them from a ton of different places. So, if you want to send me smushed pennies from where you visit, go ahead!