The Perks of Disney Movie Club

Chances are that if you’ve bought a Disney movie in the past 5 years, you’ve noticed the little piece of paper that they stick in all of the DVD cases promoting the Disney Movie Club. If you were like me and ignored them, that’s fine, but out of curiosity about 6 months ago, I actually decided to look into it.

I thought it would be a scam. They offer you 4 Disney movies for $1 each if you join the club. Then you can add on two more movies for a total of $25. So an initial investment of about $35 once you pay shipping.

I was still on the fence. I needed more information. After some digging (the fine print was hard to understand), the only thing you needed to do to get the rewards and discounts on Disney movies was to purchase 5 Disney movies at the membership price. Better yet, you have 2 years to reach this commitment.

Thinking of all of the movies I want to buy and being perfectly okay with buying 5 movies at a certain price, I went for it.

I was not disappointed.

I got the 6 movies that I requested when I signed up really quickly. The first 10 movies that I bought actually cost me less than $75 and I even used my Disney Rewards points to get free movies like “The Jungle Book” and more recently, “Wall-E.”

They send you monthly emails with the movie that is being featured and you can “Accept” or “Decline” the offer. I’ve accepted a couple of them and these movies go towards your fulfillment commitment. They also send you extras like lithographs for your collection.

I’m only 6 months into my commitment and I’ve already gotten 4 of the movies I’m required to get. I like to think of this as a subscription box. Instead of getting mystery items every month that you may or may not like or use, you know exactly what you’re getting with this.

Guess what?

If you’re interested in joining, let me know! I can give you a code! In fact, every time you refer someone, you get 2 free movies!

Need I say more?

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March 26th. I love it.


First up this week, Merlin. I love it. It’s a show that I’ve watched before and I was obsessed with. Now, my obsession continues. Since I know how it ends, it’s fun to see the hints and clues as to what will happen. Thank you Netflix!

I love it.

Next up, Lord of the Rings. I love it. Not only did I watch the movies this week (well, the first and last one because I have lost the second one), but I started reading “Fellowship of the Ring.” The movie is pretty accurate, but I’m already more than halfway through the book and they haven’t even made it to Rivendell yet. It’s one of my goals to read all of the books this year so I’m well on my way.

I love it.

Finally, Scrabble. I love it. I’ve had it on my iPad forever but I just recently broke into a binge again. I play my Aunt everyday and my parents. Today, I sent out a bunch of invites so if you want to play me, let me know! I’m on all the time!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

Text to my boyfriend who was gone all day:

“When you come home, it may seem like I haven’t moved all day, but I promise I have. I even left the house.”

I’m only telling him this because when he left at 12:50pm today, I was laying on the couch with the cats watching “Cops” and that’s what he’ll see when he comes home at 6:30pm. I did change the channel for a while so I could watch “Curious George” and “Arthur.”

Don’t judge.

I’m on vacation.

I can do what I want.