Day 14: A Day in the Life

Today’s post challenge is to tell you about my day. What’s an average day like for me? Honestly, after tomorrow, my days will be much different (my last day at Tulane is tomorrow) and my life as a teacher will begin. For now, I’ll give you a quick run down of what my life is like currently on days when we have events (like baseball or basketball games). I’ll update this once I know what the plan is for the school year.

7:30am – Wake up, hit snooze at least once, and finally get out of bed when the cats won’t stay quiet

7:40am – Start getting ready for work

7:50am – Leave for work, sit in traffic, and have a breakfast shake in the car

8:20am – Arrive at work and walk half a mile to my office

8:30am – Check emails, prepare for meetings, and chit chat with everyone in the office

9:30am – Start marking things off of my checklist for the day

12pm – Eat lunch in my office or at the conference table while watching “Cops”

1pm – Start setting up for the event tonight – staging tables, cleaning floors, grooming fields, and making sure food is ordered for the media and students

3pm – Wait for gates to open

4pm – Still waiting for gates to open

5pm – Gates are finally open

6pm – Wait for game to start

7pm – Game time

11pm – Lock up the building and head home

11:20pm – Arrive home

11:30pm – Take a shower and fall into bed

It’s not a glamorous life and I’m pretty excited for something new coming soon!

January 17th. I love it.

Oh, goodness! This actually was a pretty good week! Let me tell you about it!

First up, City-Putt. I love it. Brian had to work at the tennis match on Saturday morning so I went with him to support the team. When he was done, we went to City-Putt, also in City Park, and played a round of mini-golf. It was a very close competition and even though I had a few rough holes near the end, I came out on top by one stroke! You can call that a stroke of luck (terrible joke, I know).

I love it.

Next up, ice cream. I love it. I know, I say this a lot, but this week I was spoiled and had ice cream twice! I was really craving it on Thursday night which led to a Dairy Queen run in the rain (I’m so glad Bud loves me enough to want to do that) and dinner in Elmwood on Friday night was followed up by Cold Stone! See? Spoiled. To ensure that I don’t splurge like that again this week, I made sure I bought ice cream when I went shopping this morning!

I love it.

Finally, Hateful 8. I love it. We didn’t go to the movies on Wednesday this week (we had a basketball game), so we went yesterday. We have a bunch of movies on our list, especially now that the Oscar noms are out, but we saw Hateful 8. It was very excellent. Definitely a Tarantino movie – lots of talking and blood – but I love Tim Roth and Tarantino, so it was a must see!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.